vintgdays: Hey there! First off, I love the blog! Secondly, what products do you use in your hair and what's your method? With that, how long does your hair keep its shape? I'm tying to get my hair to do more of what I want it to do instead of vice versa. If you have any tips, please share!

Thank you! I really like your blog as well. I get this question a lot, and always have trouble answering, so I will post a photo set of the process soon, but for now I hope this helps:

1) I blow dry all of my hair back with a Denman brush


2) Once its 80-90% dry  I take a small round brush and I roll both of the sides inwards, and the front towards the back. 


3) I use a small quarter size amount of Pureology’s density definer to help keep the shape and mold every thing together.


4) I comb over everything (sides inward/front-back) 

5) I use Pureology’s Stengthening control hairspray and mist over everything. It’s a super lightweight pliable hairspray, that holds the shape, but is moveable enough to re-comb through if need be. 


I hope that makes sense. I have found that blowdrying with a round brush helps IMMENSELY in keeping my hair from falling throughout the day.